Planned Giving


Planned Giving

Only two things are certain in life, it is said, and they are death and taxes. That's where planned giving comes in.
Our donors are motivated by a desire to achieve a little bit of immortality. No other form of giving achieves that better than a planned gift that will memorialize you and your family after death.

Definition: Planned Giving is a set of ways a donor can leave money/assets to a nonprofit at his/her death or a way to invest money so that the donor receives benefits during his/her life and then bequeaths the remaining funds to the nonprofit.

Planned Giving is a complex program of various financial instruments that can be adapted to each donor's needs. To make this process easier to understand we have outlined brief descriptions of ways that you can make a lasting mark through a gift that leaves the world a better place.

Bequests are any assets bequeathed in a will or a trust. A bequest might be a specific amount of money or assets, a percentage of those assets, or the residual (what is left over after heirs and other obligations are paid) from an estate.

Beneficiary designations are gifts that occur outside of the will. This might be an Individual Retirement Account or an insurance policy. A donor can make a nonprofit the beneficiary of these financial instruments by simply rolling it over to the charity. For some individuals this makes sense to avoid the tax bill when they start taking money out.

Making a nonprofit the beneficiary of an insurance policy is sometimes done by a donor whose children or spouse will not need the funds; or by a donor who would love to leave more money than he or she can actually afford to a beloved cause. Insurance policies can also be cashed out and donated to the charity.

Do you understand how planned gifts will benefit and be spent with Rainbow Literacy Society?

We want to see your gift invested for the long term. We look at significant ways to give back to our community here in the County of Vulcan. The gift would allow funding of our existing programming and allow it to become sustainable giving us the flexibility to create individual programming to suit community needs. You would also be able to invest in our endowment fund in your name.

Do you know...

how many programs that Rainbow Literacy Society runs in Vulcan County?

We have over 26 programs that run yearly throughout Vulcan County. That many of the programs available at your local library are in partnership with the Library but provided by Rainbow Literacy Society?

Our website lists all programs, times and where they are available. Rainbow Literacy Society believes the gift of reading and knowledge is fundamental and is a right of every individual.

Does your gift impact our community? How?

Your gift will help Rainbow Literacy Society break down barriers of learning and transitions. Together we can inspire and prepare our learners for a lifetime of accessible learning and knowledge.

With your gift you support our programming making it possible for us to continue to offer it free of charge. This gift helps to break down any financial barrier there may be and makes our programs accessible to all citizens of Vulcan County.

Some of the essential skills that are offered help individuals and their families move forward in an ever-changing world of technology and learning. With these skills our clients are better prepared for the workforce and for continued education. Parents become engaged in their children's learning. Thus, you and Rainbow Literacy Society are helping to build a more vibrant community.

Rainbow Literacy Society has community respect and stature in its field of literacy.

Over the past 25 years Rainbow Literacy Society has become a pillar of the community. Donors trust our organizations to use their gifts wisely even when they are no longer around to monitor their actions.

Rainbow Literacy Society arrives into an ever-changing environment from a place of strength. The vitality, leadership and resilience of Vulcan's rural communities have helped guide the evolution of Rainbow Literacy Society in the county since its inception.

You will be part of this by helping put our resources back into the community and looking to our future generations.

Recognition opportunities for our donors

Although not all donors will want to be publicly recognized, we understand that many will. We can offer naming opportunities (plaques, program names and scholarship funds) that will carry the donor's name into perpetuity. (This is done on a one-on-one basis.) We also understand that some of our donors would like to remain anonymous. We respect either choice.

The Future of Rainbow Literacy Society in Vulcan County:

The impact of your gift for Rainbow Literacy has expected outcomes and measureable effects on our community.
Outcome1: Enhanced access and participation of learning
Outcome2: Increased literacy and essential foundation skills
Outcome3: Strengthened pathways and successful transitions for adult learners.
Outcome4: Increased capacity and alignment of community learning through new initiatives and programming.