Building Blocks in Home Visitation Services

Family Learning & Literacy

Building Blocks is a free 10 week program that happens in your home.

We serve families with children.

We will provide you with strategies, games, activities and learning tools to help aid with your child's learning.


People who care for children want the best for them. Having someone with knowledge and insight you can talk to about creating change towards a learning plan for your child.

Having a Literacy Builder gets you on the right track to being creative about learning. The Literacy Builder offers their training, comprehension and ideas of Literacy and Learning to help you aid in your child's development.

Knowing what your child is expected to do at each stage of development can be hard. With a trained Literacy Builder they can get you through one step at a time with fun and bonding as our primary aim.

Literacy builders get their best ideas from parents and caregivers just like you. We hone those ideas into each home we visit to make sure it fits the needs of each family. Send our Family Literacy Coordinator your name and the easiest way to contact you... we'll be in touch soon!